About The Company

We at Robotics Learning (M) Sdn. Bhd. are a group of entrepreneurs who are working to assist youth in Malaysia to compete and succeed in this increasingly complex, technologically advanced and challenging 21st century world.

We strongly support and encourage school children from all parts of the country to be able to have equal access to an education where teachers are comfortable providing their students with creative and innovative learning opportunities.

We are especially keen to help children in our rural schools and children who may not have the financial means to benefit from many technological advances.

Increasingly throughout the developed world, classroom-based Educational Robotics in training and curriculum is transforming how children enjoy and understand while improving their abilities in a wide range of topics such as the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Mathematics) subjects, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and the Arts, as well as improving their many soft skills such as team-building, creative thinking, time management and systematic planning.

We hope to be able to provide schools with the truest 21st century education in order to help allow our youth to compete and in turn to enable our economy to have the most creative and advanced human capital in Asia.

At Robotics Learning, we wish to play a continual role in helping all students achieve their maximum potential, no matter where they are. Our vision for all young boys and girls is that they all able to leave school:

  • Comfortable in dealing with any kinds of challenges, changes and situations.
  • Excellent in thinking innovatively, creatively and systematically.
  • Understanding at least the basics of how technology works and is developing.
  • Having maximized their potential in, and love for, all subjects including mathematics, sciences and other technical subjects.
  • To be well versed in both Bahasa Melayu and English.
  • Role models to students from the OECD group of leading developed nations.